Was ist neu? - What's new ?

22.Oct 2010 Breskens Fährhaven (Ferry) added
Kitefestival 2010 Cadzand added
Kapsession Oostburg added
28.Aug 2009 Kensington Gardens, London added
02.Aug 2009 Molen (Windmühlen) in NL added
03.May 2009 Solarturm Jülich added
24.Apr 2009 Soda-Brücke Euskirchen added
09.Jan 2009 Braunkohletagebau Inden added
07.Nov 2008 Radioteleskop Effelsberg added
22.Sept 2008 Drachenfest DC Grisu 2008 added
10.Sept 2008 KAP session Klauskapelle added
17.Jul 2008 Gallery "AuRiCo World-Wide" new picture added
16.July 2008 PAP added to menue & PAP page created
13.May 2008 Gallery "Oostende Kitefestival 2008"
06.May 2008 WWKW2008 updated with 360° Panos & more Pictures
04.May 2008 WWKW2008 (World Wide KAP Weekend) Contribution
27.Apr 2008 Gallery "Kite-Meeting Kirchheim"
Gallery "AuRiCo World-Wide" Update
24.Apr 2008 Gallery "AuRiCo World-Wide" startup
25.Feb 2008 KAP Galerie / KAP Gallery launched
Jan 2008 relaunch of Homepage - completely new design