AuRiCo - Automatic Rig Control

What is AuRiCo, what can it do ?

This AutoRigController (AuRiCo) can operate all the necessary Servos on a Rig. (Rotate, Tilt, Shutter) without the need of a Remote Control

Four operation modes are selectable: Rotate only, Rotate & Tilt with up to 4 angles. The Intervall is selectable from 2 secs up to 4 mins.
Servos are controlled by a custom programmed Risc MicroControler.

Configuration can easily be changed within seconds through Dip-switches (without any PC or any programming knowledge)
(unlike some other Autorigcontrols)

The following standard servos are directly supported: Graupner, Futaba & Profi (Conrad).
Cameras with intervall mode and manual shutter release can be used (last with shutter servo)

AuRiCo can be operated by 4 AA or AAA cells (Alkaline or NiCd/NIMH) also 1 LipoCell can be used (dep. on servos)

An optional voltage regulator is available to use AuRiCo with Lipo cells.

download: AuRiCo Manual (PDF)
see: AuRiCo "in action" Video

Price: 43,- Euro incl. postage (worldwide)
Payments: PayPal / euro bank transfer (request IBAN/Bic)

Questions ??just send me a eMail

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